Just a brief wrap-up.

So, what’s next?

  1. Our data pipeline is still not fully automated (some of the code may also not optimal). We need to host the code somewhere like on Heroku for it to run automatically each day.
  2. We process and store our data in Google Sheet. While it is great…

Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop

We select Google Sheet as the data source to connect to Tableau.

Tableau is mostly drag and drop, point and click so perhaps there is not much to talk about it. Here are a few charts made.

Workflow Overview


1. Case Data Extraction

Malaysia Health Director General (DG) @DGHisham posts the daily Covid-19 situation update on Twitter quite consistently with a relatively fixed format. So we will use that for our case data.


There are three main sources where Malaysian can get their country Covid-19 official situation update by Ministry of Health (MOH):

MOH posts the Covid-19 daily…

Tan Kean Yuan

Graduating data science master student

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